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Enterprise level performance in the cloud.

  • IPTV Encoder
  • IPTV Transcoder
  • Timeshift Capabilities
  • Live TV Catchup
  • Multiviewer
  • Ad Insertion

IPTV Encoder

Our cloud servers are built for one thing – encoding and decoding. Our systems are capable of capturing raw feeds from digital and analogue inputs and transforming them into a high definition viewing experience.

IPTV Transcoder

Transcode from one codec to another seamless and without any technical knowledge. Our high powered cloud servers can effortlessly process up to 200 streams on a single server.

IPTV Timeshift

To make sure that your end sure's programming is in line with their time zone, our IPTV Timeshifting servers can “move" the necessary content to be broadcasted in different timezones around the world.

IPTV Catchup

With our systems you can offer the Catch Up feature. This features provide your end users the ability to “catch up" on recently missed content so they get to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

WEB UI – Management

Complete management of your IPTV panel from any remote location using the Web User Interface.

Video On Demand

Upload, gill in general information about the movie, and publish it via your IPTV Video-On-Demand module. Only licensed content allowed! **

Ad Insertion

Our state of the art ad insertion software works flawlessly so that live streams will not have any buffering when the ad fades into it. Multiple media formats available.

Playlist Playout

IPTV Broadcaster allows you to schedule your playlist deployment so that production flow can be a stress free process. Schedule content up to four weeks ahead.

Content Share

Our powerful CMS system allows you to share our content or add your own. Ultra granular, channel by channel control allows users to custom tailor their viewer packages.


With our built in Multiviewer Technology you can view SD, HD,UHD, and FHD. With 32 outputs available, viewers can watch up to 32 channels at the time time.

IPTV Encoding

IPTV Broadcaster began as B2B IPTV service provider, established in 2012. After seeing the demand for more and more companies looking to expand into the streaming space, it just made sense to offer access to the exact same systems we've used for some time to bring in and retain thousands of customers.

From the most demanding hotel or eduction facility requirements to the small business owner or individual who wants to stream their unique content to their customers, IPTV Broadcaster offers the exact platforms used by the biggest media conglomerates to deliver flawless streaming performance to their end users and affiliates.

Deploy in the cloud.

Single Server

Instead of using racks upon racks of servers and control panels to manage even just one of the above-mentioned features, which could be difficult and time-intensive to service, IPTV Broadcaster can run all of the above features through a single cloud deployment. Managed by a simple to use WEB user interface, this cloud server will minimize the time and energy required to locate and correct any issues that arise.

Leading Technology

Features like this are what have made IPTV Broadcaster a beloved choice among ITs and SysAdmins all over the world—it makes their lives easier as they monitor everything through the easy-to-use user interface.


Companies love IPTV Broadcaster even more for cutting down their energy costs and being impressively space efficient, using a combination of GPU/CPU processing with high density servers able to transcode up to 200 live streams in full-HD, 1080p/30.

Available IPTV Broadcaster Configurations

1U Server

  • 10 SDI Input
  • 10 HDMI Inputs
  • 16 DVB-S/S2/C/T
  • 8 SDI/HDMI Playback Outputs
  • Transcodes 300 Live Streams 1080/30
  • Transcodes 450 Live Streams SD 720×476

3U Server

  • 24 SDI Input
  • 24 HDMI Inputs
  • 48 DVB-S/S2/C/T
  • 32 SDI/HDMI Playback Outputs

IPTV Broadcaster now supports more than 20 features that are crucial in today’s OTT/IPTV market:

  • Encode

  • Relay / Restream

  • Logo Overlay

  • Timeshift

  • Playback Outputs

  • Multi User Support

  • Transcode

  • Ad Insertion

  • Playlists

  • DVB-S/S2/C/T1/T2

  • Built-in Firewall

  • Tools & Diagnostics


Create your own channel by uploading your files into our Web User Interface and take it online with all the supported Transcoder features.

You even have the ability to choose the order of files, overlay a custom logo and much more.

Ad Insertion

Insert an advertisement on top of a leaner stream based on Schedule, Queue Tones or manually at any time by clicking Ad In and Ad Out.

Schedule based – Advertisements work by setting the date, time, and file to be inserted.

Queue Tone – Enabling queue tones for a live stream will allow the service to listen for a tone that, when captured, will trigger an insertion of the selected file into the stream.

Manual Ad In and Out – Amazingly simple—just select which file you want to insert and press the “Add In" button.


The purpose of adding a firewall to your system is to save you from investing in expensive firewall equipment, since filtering media doesn’t require particularly complex filtering systems. For that, you will have have the ability to allow or disallow any ports or IPs that you desire with a friendly UI and simple top-to-bottom rules table, like many firewall applications.


Re-stream without transcoding even with very low CPU and memory resources, pulling live streams or media files from CDNs, Wowza Streamers, IP Transit, Internal Networks, Multicast or Unicast. Major protocols and containers are supported with multiple outlets simultaneously for a single stream, with the additional ability to re-stream 1,000 live streams from one single 1u server.

Input – HLS, RTMP, UDP Multicast/Unicast, HTTP TS, DASH


CDN Support – Akamai, Level3, CloudFront, Verizon CDN, Flash Media Server, Wowza Engine and any other CDN’s that supports generic RTMP and HLS Ingest.

UDP and HTTP out

DVB-S/S2/C/T Management

By providing you with the ability to manage all features that you would find in IRD, 3U IPTV Broadcaster Server allows you to obtain up to 48 DVB Inputs. This gives you the ability to preserve an incredible amount of rack space

Scan Satellites and Terrestrial Antennas by just entering the frequency or using Blind Scan and add them to transcode with just one click.

Decryption – Decrypt scrambled through software or hardware by support BISS

EPG Scanning – Use 1 input to collect EPG from 1000 channels in course of 1 hour and store them in XMLTV Standard

UDP/HTTP Out – Captured DVB Channels then can be sent over the network in UDP or HTTP Transport Stream



Instead of using racks upon racks of servers and control panels to manage even just one of the above-mentioned features, which could be difficult and time-intensive to service, You can run all of the above features through a single server. Managed by a single WEB user interface, this server can minimize the time and energy required to locate and correct any issues that arise.


Video Codecs: Mpeg2, H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9
Audio Codecs: Mpeg1/2, mp3, AAC, AC3


Video Codec: Mpeg2, H.264, H.265, VP9
Audio Codec: Mpeg1/2, mp3, AAC, AC3
CDN Support – Akamai, Level3, CloudFront, Verizon CDN, Wowza Engine, and any other CDN that supports RTMP and HLS Ingest.

Stream Post Processing

Video Resolution Resize
Audio Volume Adjustment
Frame Rate Conversion
PID Channel Selection
Logo Overlay
Ad Insertion

Delivery 1080i/p Resolution

Functionality coming with the encoders allows broadcasters and service providers to deliver multi-feature services in resolutions ranging from Standard Definition to Full HD 1080i/p. A real-time encoding/transcoding solution IPTV Encoders are the most powerful encoder in the market providing uncompromising quality.

Turnkey Encoders

Flexible design based on a leading 3rd party technology company allows system integrators to build turn-key encoding systems of superior quality providing advanced functionality and technically unrestricted scalability. Input stream encoding into several output streams with various resolutions/bitrates, which can be utilized for adaptive streaming.

Increase Number of Channels

Ability to increase the number of channels, or shift to HDTV broadcasting without upgrading delivery channels extreme effectiveness of computing resources utilization significantly cuts expenses for IPTV head-end hardware highest video quality, unachievable for hardware solutions. Our system supports various encoding formats such as Windows Media VC-1, Silverlight, Flash Streaming and H.264.

IPTV Encoder setup takes less than a week!

$Low Setup Fee


Encoding and Decoding is our speciality, high quality and high density makes IPTV Broadcaster unique. Our system is capabable of capturing raw feeds from various input types and encode them to world's most popular codecs like Mpeg-2, h.264, h.265, VP8 VP9, mp2 mp3 aac.

Supported Physical Inputs:HDMI, SDI, DVI, Component, RCA, S-VIDEO, HDMI-4k and SDI-4k.


Supported File Formats: mp4, FLV, mov, avi, mp3, mp4a


Our platform is managed from simple Web User Interface which will let you Multi User Management with user rights: View / Create / Delete / Hide TroubleShooting Tools – Media Checker, Speed Checker, Ping, Diagnostic Checker

Video On demand

Our IPTV Encoder provides you with full access to Video On Demand Management

Upload, Fill In General Information about the movie and publish it’s that easy with our IPTV Encoder!


Record any live streams and re-stream them to match any time zone in the world. With the help of fast SSD’s we can now time shift 200 live streams in 1u server, no matter the bitrate and size, as it takes almost no CPU at all to record and re-stream.